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WELCOME TO 57 Years of Soul Music Radio

In 1963, I bought an AM/FM radio -  it was a cheap import JVC transistor model.

I had two friends - that radio and a teddy bear.

And then I became a music addict. I consumed the liner notes energetically, learning the names of all the producers, background singers, session musicians, record labels, localities. Any and all things to do with the music business from LA to Chicago to Nashville to New York and on to Boston and anywhere and everywhere between.

Music dominates our lives, without it there would be an empty void - a lonely vaccuum, without sound.

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Bobby Womack

If You Think You're Lonely Now

Johnny Bristol

Take Me Down

Millie Jackson

Keep The Homefires Burning

Wilson Pickett

Funky Broadway

Dusty Springfield

I Just Wanna Be There

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