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Carmichael MusicLover - Love Souljah



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Karen Bernod - #PlantingSeeds


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Rae Ellis - The Diary of Rae Ellis



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Rudy Ray Moore - Hully Gully Fever



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Ra-Re Valverde - A Beautiful Mess



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Lillie Nicole McCloud - Red Apples featuring "Crus'in"

Lillie Arlene Nicole Jade McCloud (born December 7, 1958 in Rochester, New York), commonly known by her former stage name Nicole McCloud, or Nicole J. McCloud is an American dance and R&B singer. She has recorded four studio albums, What About Me (1986), Jam Packed (1988) (aka Rock the House), Love Town (1998), and So What? (2002). Her single "Don't You Want My Love" became an international hit. Other US singles include "Runnin' Away" and "Search'n". In the late 1990s, she was also part of a house music project Voices of Freedom.

In 2013, she competed in season 3 of the American singing competition The X Factor. She was eliminated in the 5th week, placing 8th overall.

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